Cohen hits the books: $28,200 worth

Rep. Cohen, the #3 leader of the House Dems, is a self-described “voracious reader.” The bad news is that we taxpayers are being compelled to support his habit. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer,

“Cohen’s book bill for 2004 and 2005 is more than what the Philadelphia School
District spent to stock library shelves at the two high schools and two middle
schools in his legislative district. The four schools, which have a combined
enrollment of 5,000 students, spent $21,600 on books and periodicals in that
two-year period, officials said.”

Tim Potts summed it up best: “These are personal expenses. What if he was a voracious swimmer? Would taxpayers buy him a swimming pool?”

You can send your book recommendations to Rep. Cohen at this email address: [email protected].