State lawmakers look to boost their pensions

Alison Hawkes in the Herald-Standard on the pension COLA debate.

Side-Note: We’re not sure where, when, or why we started being called a “libertarian” think tank (although I think it was an AP story that started it). For clarification purposes, we don’t like to label ourselves either libertarian or conservative because neither of these labels are fully accurate.

While you could say we take a libertarian view on fiscal issues, it is also true that we take a fiscally conservative view as well. So which one are we, libertarian or conservative? Well, because we limit our focus on economic issues, we are neither libertarian or conservative because each label connotes a position on social issues…which we don’t take.

So if you must label us (even though we’d rather you just consider the merits of our work), the more accurate descriptor would be “free-market.” We are unashamedly free-market in our proposed solutions for Pennsylvania’s economic problems. I think that is something that both libertarians and conservatives can agree upon!