To address mounting debt, strained budgets, and underfunded pension systems, lawmakers need to reexamine all aspects of government and seek new and innovative policy solutions. CF’s privatization work looks to apply the “Yellow Pages test” to all levels of government. This test says that if a service can be found in the yellow pages of a phone book, government should look to the private sector rather than public employees to provide it. In well-structured privatization initiatives, the government and taxpayers gain accountability, cost savings, higher quality services, and greater innovation.

Liberals and Conservatives Agree: Let Go of Our Liquor

October 7, 2013 | Commentary by Matthew Brouillette, Jon Geeting

As the partisan divide plays out in Washington, it's encouraging to see one policy battle in Pennsylvania with support on both sides of the political spectrum. Across the state, voters remain unified in their support of allowing private stores to sell wine and liquor. Unfortunately for consumers, inside the state Capitol, bipartisan unity on this issue has been harder to come by.

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