Principles for Liquor Privatization

July 25, 2015

Key Points:

  • Government should permanently get out of the business of selling alcohol and end the system in which state-run liquor stores compete against private business.
  • Modernization fails to move Pennsylvania into the 21st century.
  • Only full privatization ends the conflict of interest inherent in having the PLCB both regulate and promote wine and liquor sales with tax dollars.
  • Pennsylvania is not safer or more sober because of government-sold alcohol.

The Pension Crisis Will Trigger Another Tax Hike

July 25

The 2016-17 budget is in the books with a $650 million tax increase. That's a significant increase—but it could pale in comparison to future tax hikes if pension reform continues to fall by the wayside. Meanwhile, there's a notion gaining traction that we don't need pension reform ...