Across states, nations, and history, prosperity has been created by economic freedom.  Economic growth and job creation, driven by free markets, has done more to lift the downtrodden out of poverty than any welfare program.  Government’s role in the economy should be to set the rules, protect private property and individual rights, allow entrepreneurs to operate with limited government regulation, encourage personal philanthropy rather than wealth redistribution, and maintain rule of law and a level playing field.  CF’s work on Jobs & the Economy examines the condition of Pennsylvania’s economy relative to other states and countries, the burdens on job creators, and the barriers to economic freedom and prosperity.

Fresh Start, or Stale Policies of Decades Past?

September 30, 2015 | Commentary by Nathan Benefield

Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer pointed out that every Pennsylvania governor since the 1970s has raised taxes, I naturally thought, “Yeah, well maybe we should stop doing that.”