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The Center for Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility works to reduce the size, scope, and “tax-take” of state government; restore the government sector to its proper and limited role in our lives; and make government more open, transparent, and accountable to citizens.

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JULY 22, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

DNC in Philly: Top 5 Ways Big-Government Policies Are Killing the Host City


As all eyes turn to Philadelphia next week for the Democratic National Convention, just steps from the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphians are suffering from high taxes, union-controlled public schools, and a government-run liquor monopoly.

JULY 18, 2016 | Policy Points by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

An Analysis of the 2016-17 Budget

On June 30, the legislature passed a $31.6 billion General Fund Budget. Gov. Wolf allowed this budget to become law without his signature on July 12. On July 13, the House and Senate passed a revenue package to pay for the spending plan. Here is what you need to know about the budget.

JULY 14, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Budget: Still Irresponsible, Still Unbalanced

Yesterday, Gov. Wolf and lawmakers approved a tax and revenue package of more than $1.3 billion. There’s just one problem: The budget remains unbalanced by $300 million.


Legislature Sends $600 Million Tax Increase to Gov. Wolf

Hoping to balance the unconstitutional, unbalanced state budget that Gov. Wolf allowed to become law Monday night, the state House and Senate today voted to hit Pennsylvanians with an array of taxes that will make listening to iTunes, reading eBooks, or watching Netflix more expensive.


Pa. Enters Day #1 of Illegal, Unbalanced State Budget

Today is uncharted territory for Pennsylvania. Despite multiple balanced budget mandates in the state constitution and state law, Gov. Wolf allowed the Legislature’s unbalanced budget to become law at 12:01 this morning.

JULY 11, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Will Wolf-Enacted Budget Violate Law?

Governor Tom Wolf yesterday announced he would allow the $31.6 billion budget—which the Legislature sent him without a revenue package to pay for it—to become law, despite the fact that legally, the governor must veto spending that exceeds official revenue estimates.

JULY 8, 2016 | Commentary by NATHAN BENEFIELD

'Spend-first, Tax-later' is Flawed Budgeting

As it stands, this budget leaves families trapped in a game of tax roulette—praying their taxes don’t go up this year. Next year, let’s hope taxpayers don’t have to choose between an on-time budget and a good budget.

JULY 6, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Will Lawmakers Renege on ‘No Broad-Based Taxes’ Pledge?

Pennsylvania State Budget

As lawmakers scramble to find revenue to fund the $1.6 billion spending increase they passed last week, a broad-based tax increase, once deemed “off the table,” is in play.


Five Major Flaws in House Budget

Today, the state House passed a $31.6 billion spending plan, representing a $1.5 billion increase over current-year spending. While the budget avoids sales and personal income tax increases, it contains five major flaws the Senate must address.


House Budget: Massive Spending Increase Would Target Poor for Higher Taxes

The good news is that the governor and legislators agree that sales and income tax hikes that would hit all Pennsylvania families are off the table. Unfortunately, this budget still spends far beyond our means and looks to raise revenue through targeted tax increas

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Why Dori is Fighting Back Against Government Overreach

July 29

On Wednesday, we shared with you Chris’s fight to save his small business from a devastating tax increase. Regrettably, Chris’s business isn’t the only one threatened by the new tax—a punitive 40 percent excise on e-cigarettes. There are between 320-350 vape shops across Pennsylvania, ...