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The Center for Economic Freedom and Prosperity promotes economic policies that limit government intervention in the economy; encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and competition; and allow Pennsylvanians to pursue their own happiness and take personal responsibility for their lives.

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JUNE 21, 2016 | Commentary by ELIZABETH STELLE

Harrisburg Should Curb Waste, Not Fund It

What do waking up, driving to work, and stopping at Starbucks have in common? Each of these seemingly mundane activities is impacted by state taxes. It’s time to break this cycle and spend smarter before resorting to tax hikes.

JUNE 20, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

8 Years of Spending Hikes Crammed into 2?

In the eight years before Gov. Wolf took office, General Fund spending increased by $2.85 billion. Wolf wants to tie or exceed this amount in just two years.

JUNE 17, 2016 | Commentary by RICHARD DREYFUSS

Our Collision Course with Pa.'s Pension Iceberg

As Pennsylvania continues approaching the public pension iceberg at full speed, how can we avoid a collision? Simply put, through reforms that mirror steps taken by the private sector years ago.

JUNE 14, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

House Pension ‘Reform’ Overpromises, Underdelivers

The state House today passed a pension bill that promises reform but delivers little savings and keeps the state steaming toward a fiscal iceberg. While this “stacked hybrid” plan is projected to save $5 billion over 30 years, the savings in present value are just $1 billion on a $63 billion debt.


'Underfunded' Pa. Schools Spend Nearly $16,000 Per Pupil

Contradicting the claim that Pennsylvania underfunds its school system, public school spending hit an all-time high in the 2014-15 school year, approaching $27.4 billion—or $15,854 per student—according to the latest state Department of Education data.

JUNE 8, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Wolf’s Wine Signature a First Step Toward Privatization

Gov. Wolf’s anticipated signature today on HB 1690, which allows wine sales in select grocery stores, is a first step toward much-needed liquor privatization, but more must be done.

JUNE 7, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Wine Expansion Improves Convenience But Falls Short of Privatization

Today, the state House passed legislation allowing select grocery stores (those with a restaurant license) to sell wine in Pennsylvania. The bill, which now heads to Gov. Wolf’s desk, is a step in the right direction but leaves undone critical elements of true privatization.


Ghost Teachers Bill Advances in State House

Today, the state House Education Committee advanced HB 2125, which would strictly limit teachers’ unions’ ability to pluck teachers from the classroom to work full-time for the union while remaining on the public payroll.


Pennsylvania's Ghost Teachers

Collective bargaining agreements in many Pennsylvania school districts permit school employees to take a full-time leave of absence from the classroom to perform union work. While on leave doing union work, these “ghost teachers” remain on their school district’s payroll, accrue seniority, and retain pension benefits.

MAY 24, 2016 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Tax Hike Alternatives Could Spare Pennsylvanians’ Pocketbooks

As Gov. Wolf pushes for a multi-billion tax increase, the Taxpayers’ Caucus identified $3 billion the state can realize through reducing waste, growing non-tax revenue, and implementing accountability measures for existing programs

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