Cyber Schools Save Projects 2 provides an outlet for engaged parents, students, and taxpayers to help preserve the promise of cyber schools. More than 32,000 Pennsylvania students have selected cyber schools as their school of choice to best meet their educational needs. shares some of their stories and equips visitors to communicate with lawmakers on the issues.

Booze Facts Project news is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about liquor store privatization. Pennsylvanians want choice, convenience and an end to the government monopoly of wine and liquor sales. provides information on polling, facts & myths, videos, and contact information for you to help get government out of the booze business.

Free To Teach Head

Free to Teach is a project with the express support, contributions, and guidance of Pennsylvania public educators.  This is a forum designed to serve Pennsylvania educators first so that we may ultimately see a Pennsylvania in which students receive the best education possible while public educators and staff are equipped to thrive and excel in their jobs.

Open PA Land 2 is a transparency project, providing databases to look up public school salaries and labor contracts, public school spending, school property taxes, and public school performance.  More datasets will be added in the future. To receive email alerts when we update or add new data, sign up here.

All data in is taken from Pennsylvania state government or federal government sources, and presented in user-friendly applications by VisiGov. First time users may find our tutorial helpful.

Box 2

The Box is the official podcast of the Commonwealth Foundation.

Hear from the headliners, thinkers, and agitators as the Commonwealth Foundation tackles the hottest political and cultural issues of the day, gets answers directly from the source, and delivers a viewpoint you won't get anywhere else in talk radio.

EF 2

EnergyFactsPA provides a guide to the key energy and environmental issues facing Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has always been a leading provider of America's energy. From timber and coal to the nation's first commercial oil well, and now the Marcellus Shale boom, traditional energy is vital to our state's economy.

But these industries, and the prosperity that accompanied them, are now threatened because they have become politically unpopular. Instead of entrepreneurship and the responsible development of natural resources, today's energy companies are rewarded on the basis of their lobbying.

What's the biggest issue facing Pennsylvania in 2016?

Who is Wolf Giving Your Tax Dollars To?

February 5

Next week Gov. Tom Wolf will unveil a “new” budget, with all expectations that it will be just like his first proposal—calling for new taxes on working families. In fact, you can participate in a new contest and guess just how high Wolf’s proposed taxes will be. But while ...