Breaking: Charters Receive Funding to Educate Students

Districts are sending more money to charters because charters are enrolling more and more students from districts. This is not groundbreaking. Read More >

Employee Compensation Drives Spending Growth

In 2015-16, total compensation per state worker reached more than $97,000 per employee, driven by skyrocketing employee benefits over the past decade. To rein in costs, state government should bring health and pension benefits in line with the private sector. Read More >

Education Savings Accounts Across the Country

Education savings accounts are building momentum and advancing in nearly a dozen states. Will Pa. be next? Read More >

Government Unions Outspend the Natural Gas Industry

Proponents of a natural gas severance tax argue the natural gas industry wields undue political influence in Harrisburg. Government unions, however, far surpass the industry in political spending. Read More >

Examining the Staggering Cost of Pensions

Pennsylvania’s unfunded pension liability stands at $60 billion dollars, two times the annual General Fund budget, and it keeps growing. James Paul recently talked with WURD's Stephanie Renee about the real-life impacts of these massive numbers. Listen now. Read More >

Controlling Spending is A Moral Imperative

In an effort to improve the state’s finances, the Wolf Administration commissioned a government efficiency review—an idea CF included in a recent policy brief, which focused on driving down the costs of state government. Read More >

News Release: Paycheck Protection Passes State Senate

Today, the Senate took a stand to protect the integrity of public dollars, give union members a greater voice in how their money is spent, and restore fairness to the political process by passing paycheck protection legislation. Read More >

News Release: Wolf Pivots on Massive Tax Hikes, Offers Limited Structural Reforms

Gov. Wolf's third budget proposal is an improved starting point from his first two, but it still calls for $1 billion in new taxes and would increase the state’s tax burden by $315 per family of four.  Read More >

Five Takeaways From the Governor's Budget Proposal

Today Governor Wolf laid out his plan to balance the 2017-18 state budget which faces a roughly $3 billion gap between expected spending and revenues.  Read More >

Crucial School Choice Expansion Passes Committee

In a bipartisan vote, the House Education Committee advanced legislation to boost Pennsylvania’s crucial private school scholarship programs. HB 250 deserves the support of lawmakers who believe in high quality educational options for all children. Read More >

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