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The Commonwealth Foundation is Pennsylvania's free-market think tank.  The Commonwealth Foundation transforms free-market ideas into public policies so all Pennsylvanians can flourish.

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Teacher’s Bill of Rights: PA Educators Should be Free to Teach


Pennsylvania’s teachers are inspired by a passion to educate but, ironically, stymied by the union leaders charged with representing them. Now, they are speaking out in support of the Teacher’s Bill of Rights, presented by Free to Teach

Pension Hypocrisy: Union Leaders Offer 401(k)s to Own Employees


For years, government union leaders have attacked 401(k)-style reforms to the current pension system as “risky,” “inferior,” “bad for employees,” “fiscally irresponsible,” and “unfair to workers.” But the Commonwealth Foundation has uncovered that Pennsylvania’s government unions provide 401(k)-style retirement plans to their own employees.

Wolf’s 'Compromise' Rings Hollow

AUGUST 18, 2015 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

As budget negotiations continue, Gov. Wolf recently called Republicans “disingenuous” for criticizing his pension “compromise.” But Wolf’s so-called “compromise” uncannily mirrors his original plan and does not address his plan to increase taxes on Pennsylvanians by $1,400 per family of four.

Pension Reform Veto Costs Pennsylvanians Dearly

JULY 9, 2015 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Today, Governor Tom Wolf vetoed historic pension reform legislation that would have safeguarded public employees’ retirements while protecting Pennsylvanians from burdensome tax increases.

Wolf Vetoes Liquor Independence

JULY 2, 2015 | News Availability by COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

Just as Pennsylvanians prepare to celebrate our nation’s independence, Wolf opted to keep consumers bound by a government system that offers less convenience, fewer choices, and higher prices.

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Union contracts hidden from view

AUGUST 18, 2015 | CF In The News

Wolf property tax plan a sour vintage (letter)

AUGUST 14, 2015 | CF In The News

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