• APRIL 11, 2014

    Government Unions' Political Power Grows

    Despite claims that union dues aren't used for politics, the amount Pennsylvania’s five largest government unions reported spending from union dues on "political activities and lobbying" increased in 2013 to $5.5 million.

  • MARCH 31, 2014

    Are Teachers' Union Dues Used for Politics?

    The PSEA is required by law to tell members how much of their dues go to politics. Their June edition of the Voice told members the union estimates it will use 12 percent of their dues on politics and lobbying in 2013-14. This would represent more than $7 million this year, significantly higher than the $3.8 million they reported spending on political activity and lobbying last year.

JANUARY 08, 2013
StudentsFirst & Education Reform
Ashley DeMauro from StudentsFirst is back to talk seniority reform, teacher evaluations, school transparency, and charter school reform.

DECEMBER 19, 2013
StudentsFirst & School Performance Profiles
Ashley DeMauro from StudentsFirst discusses the new school performance profiles and how they can empower parents and students.

NOVEMBER 07, 2013
The Unintended Consequences of Labor Policy
Economics Professor Matthew Rousu discusses minimum wage, prevailing wage, right-to-work, and dues deduction in a wide-ranging interview.

Box podcast 1

OCTOBER 22, 2013

Teachers on Union Exploitation Part 2
Teachers Keith and Julie are back in part 2 our our conversation on how union dues fund political causes despite union leaders' claims to the contrary.

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