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Faces of EITC - Saving Lives and Dollars for a Decade

Why do parents, community leaders and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle support the decade-long success of Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) in Pennsylvania? Simple, it works! Hear from those who have seen with their own eyes, in their own communities, how educational options help kids learn, save lives and taxpayer dollars. There is only one problem with EITC they say: There just isn't enough it to go around. Find out what lawmakers can do to create more schools like Logos Academy in York that are transforming lives while saving money.


How Pennsylvania Can Help Willie and Penny Read

We'll call them Willie, Penny, two students from Philadelphia. Due to his ZIP code, Willie attends a failing and violent public school where he stands a greater statistical chance of being a victim of a violent crime than he does reaching proficiency in reading and math. Penny, his next-door neighbor, had attended public school, but got an Educational Improvement Tax Credit scholarship through a lottery. Click here to read more of their story.

FEBRUARY 27, 2012

THE FOUR ALARMS - Fireproofing Pennsylvania's Economy

A four-alarm fire is facing Pennsylvania's fiscal house. The flames of debt, pensions, corrections, and welfare spending threaten to leave our economy in ashes if we don't do something about this right now. Sen. John Eichelberger and Rep. Steve Bloom explain the four-alarms and what we can do to fireproof Pennsylvania's economy.


LIFELINE- Rescuing Kids When Schools Have Failed

In 2009, students trapped in our most failing public schools endured seven rapes, 163 robberies, and two official riots. Those simple—and terrifying—facts haven't been a big enough part of the discussion of the need for school choice. That's why CF, along with an Emmy-award-winning filmaker, produced this mini-documentary on violence in our failing schools.


The Myth of Tax Subsidies and Lower Tuition

Charles Mitchell sits down with Inside Academia's Andy Nash to discuss the false choice between higher tuition or higher taxpayer subsidies for universities.



Audio: Real Solutions for Struggling Schools

March 26

What are some solutions to fixing the environment in failing school districts? Providing families with the flexibility in choosing where their children go to school, rewarding the best—not just the most senior—teachers, and allocating funding based on student need would be a great start. But ...