Responsible Budgets

Budget Breakdown - Whiteboard - Rotating FeatureIn 2015-16, CF helped beat back Gov. Wolf's $4.6 billion tax increases. Beyond his initial proposal, CF helped defeat five additional tax hikes in the course of the months-long budget impasse. In the end, taxpayers celebrated a huge victory: A budget with no tax hikes on hardworking Pennsylvanians.




Until 2016, millions of dollars in government union contracts were negotiated behind closed doors and taxpayers weren't told the cost until after the contracts were agreed to. CF has championed contract transparency for years, recently exposing the amount of campaign contributions that Gov. Wolf received from those he was negotiating contracts with. In April 2016, Gov. Wolf signed into law legislation that would empower the Independent Fiscal Office to provide cost estimates on government union contracts before ratification.

School Choice

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Believing that every child should be able to attend the best school possible, CF has been a consistent, vocal advocate for school choice. Our work helped bring about a huge expansion of the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program in 2012 and improvements in 2014. The EITC program has provided more than 430,000 scholarships to students, providing brighter futures and saving taxpayers millions.


Jobs & Energy

Energy PolicyNew EPA regulations require expensive, unproven technologies that would kill jobs and bankrupt companies. CF documented how destructive these new regulations are to existing PA jobs. Act 175 of 2014 preserves state control of the energy industry by allowing the state legislature to publicly reject a state carbon emissions plan.




Corporate Welfare Reform

MoneyCF exposed the most controversial uses of RACP (Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program) funds, including the Arlen Specter Library, Tastykake's corporate headquarters, and a $3 million grant to the Second Mile. In 2013, lawmakers reduced the total amount of debt allowed under RACP by $600 million and increased accountability, oversight and transparency.