When CF sets out to convince Pennsylvanians of the benefits of free-market policies, we have a bullhorn:

  • In 2011 and 2012 alone, CF garnered over 200 million media impressions, including print, radio, and television appearances in every media market statewide and in national outlets such as FOX Business Network’s Stossel program and The Wall Street Journal.
  • In 2012, CF joined with former Pennsylvania Governor George M. Leader and his family to assemble a remarkable, trans-partisan coalition in favor of “Real Corrections Reform, Right Now.”  Following an intense education, advocacy, and media campaign, such “real reform” passed unanimously.
  • CF is not just a creature of Harrisburg.  We take the message of freedom on the road, and we equip people to use it.  Most recently, CF’s 2012 “Four Alarm Fire” campaign encompassed dozens of events from Pittsburgh to Parkesburg at which we educated and activated thousands of citizens on the issue of out-of-control government spending.

 When CF counters attacks on liberty, we get results:

  •  After a 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling said it was constitutional for government to take your home and give it to a private land developer, CF led the charge for a law prohibiting local government from engaging in such land grabs.  It passed in 2006.
  • In 2009 and 2010, CF helped beat back over $3 billion in proposed tax increases, waste, and other boondoggles.
  • In a 2010 report, CF exposed the activities of PennFuture, a powerful group that had been lobbying for subsidies for alternative energy companies and collecting taxpayer-funded grants to do so, including the fact that it had submitted fraudulent filings to the state and the IRS.  The group’s initial response was to threaten to sue CF, but we stood firm because our facts were sound.  Ultimately, PennFuture was caught misusing a $138,000 taxpayer-funded grant and was forced to change its leadership and to move away from policy advocacy.

 When CF crafts free-market policies, policymakers listen:

  • After CF sounded the alarm for years about out-of-control government spending, Pennsylvania policymakers accomplished something truly historic in 2011:  They passed the first state budget in decades that actually cut total spending.
  • The leading advocate of privatizing Pennsylvania’s government-run liquor stores, House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, has repeatedly utilized a study on the issue published by CF in a white-hot policy battle that continues to this day.
  • Throughout CF’s history, we have formulated ways to free families from failing schools.  This helped bring about a huge expansion of Pennsylvania’s nationally recognized Educational Improvement Tax Credit scholarship program in 2012 that the Cato Institute dubbed a “massive school choice victory.”  The EITC has already provided student with 370,000 scholarships and the expansion will help tens of thousands more kids every year.
  • CF was a longtime leader in calling for all state spending in Pennsylvania to be placed in a searchable, online database.  Rep. Jim Christiana and Sen. Pat Browne enshrined the idea in legislation, and in 2011, a bill establishing the database passed unanimously.

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